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Join Positive Paths as we transform lives in the East Valley! Be a part of creating a resilient, sustainable workforce and community by sharing your time and expertise. Volunteer by sponsoring a workshop, help us with our programming and events, help us fundraise and establish community partnerships and connections, help us with program administration, serve on a committee, and more. The possibilities are endless and the rewards are everlasting! Complete this short online volunteer form and we’ll have someone be in touch with you!

Another option is to share your talents and professional expertise with the Positive Paths community by being a mentor. Positive Paths’ one-on-one mentors are well-respected individuals in their company or community who have the desire to help women who are striving for a better life through improved education, career opportunities, and services. The mentor offers support, mentoring, coaching, dialogue, listening, and connecting with other resources to one of our selected scholar-mentees. In addition, the mentor can offer advice, honest feedback, empowerment, encouragement and perspective which can lead to enhanced achievement for the mentee. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please complete this short online mentoring form.


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